[Samba] Samba4 - Manage DNS with MMC shows "ghost" Entries

m.sander m.sander at biochem.dshs-koeln.de
Tue May 21 05:40:27 MDT 2013


We wanted to deploy Samba4 in our existing Samba3 Environment. So far
everything (migrating the user data etc) went quite well, but after the
initial domain-deployment we are seeing ghost entries or random data in our
"DNS" MMC snap-in on our windows client. Every refresh triggers a new view.

Basically it is the problem/bug outlined here:


As you can see from bugzilla, we tried a lot of different versions but the
odd behavior still stays the same.

So we had to stop the deployment and have yet to wait for some information
regarding this issue. 

We'd really like to deploy Samba4, but we need to understand the outlined
behavior first before we dare to use it in a running production environment.

Does anyone else has encountered or seen this behavior as well?

Mark B. Sander

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