[Samba] Im just curious

Sandbox sandboxheh at gmail.com
Sat May 18 06:26:20 MDT 2013

2013-05-17 00:43 keltezéssel, Marc Muehlfeld írta:
> Hello,
> Am 16.05.2013 22:41, schrieb Sandbox:
>> Is it possible (well, look like it works) to include a preconfigured
>> bind zone to samba named.conf, so I don't get that annoying zone
>> conflict error message while I start bind?
>> Actualy, the important question is, this kind of configuration could
>> interfere with samba4 if the server is configured to use BIND9_DLZ?
> Do you mean, that you have already a zone in Bind and now you want the 
> BIND9_DLZ module to use that zone for your AD? A "mixed zonefile" 
> (samba LDB and Bind)? I think this is not possible and you won't be 
> able to administrate it from windows or by samba-tool.
> There was a BIND9_flatfile option for provisioning in the past. But 
> Kai Blin (he wrote the internal DNS server) told me yesterday on 
> SambaXP, that this option is very old and there's not really a 
> documentation how to make it run. So this isn't a good solution, either.
> But you could write a small script, to import your existing records 
> with samba-tool into the samba LDB (of course you can keep Bind and 
> use the DLZ module, if you like that backend).
> Regards,
> Marc
Actualy I have lot of printers in my "old" bind config, so i thought I 
can use that configuration just for the printers and using samba's 
bind9_dlz option for pcs and domain.

Kind regards:


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