[Samba] Im just curious

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Thu May 16 16:43:32 MDT 2013


Am 16.05.2013 22:41, schrieb Sandbox:
> Is it possible (well, look like it works) to include a preconfigured
> bind zone to samba named.conf, so I don't get that annoying zone
> conflict error message while I start bind?
> Actualy, the important question is, this kind of configuration could
> interfere with samba4 if the server is configured to use BIND9_DLZ?

Do you mean, that you have already a zone in Bind and now you want the 
BIND9_DLZ module to use that zone for your AD? A "mixed zonefile" (samba 
LDB and Bind)? I think this is not possible and you won't be able to 
administrate it from windows or by samba-tool.

There was a BIND9_flatfile option for provisioning in the past. But Kai 
Blin (he wrote the internal DNS server) told me yesterday on SambaXP, 
that this option is very old and there's not really a documentation how 
to make it run. So this isn't a good solution, either.

But you could write a small script, to import your existing records with 
samba-tool into the samba LDB (of course you can keep Bind and use the 
DLZ module, if you like that backend).


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