[Samba] SAMBA implementation for DOS ?

ray klassen julius_ahenobarbus at yahoo.co.uk
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Memory usage is the reason (imho) that Novell was king in the dos era. The lanman client was just too huge even running on NETBEUI. Add to that a TCP/IP stack and in DOS terms you have a 200 to 300 K behemoth. 

I just googled "linux clipper compiler". Have you tried 'Clip?' Looks like it might fill the bill and then you wouldn't be stuck with the limitations of DOS

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thank you all for answers.
@Ged and Neal,
yes - I considered using DOSBox and/or DOSEMU. This is solution that I will keep away from.
The true is that with DOSBox I dont even need to care about network configuration and there is enough memory to run required application.
The thing is that my Clipper/dBase application is located on Linux server and shared with SAMBA.
8 nodes (PCs/workstations) are connected to that share. If I use DOSbox, then DOSbox node will always overwrite its changes over dBase/database. Which will erase changes done by other nodes. 
VirtualBox: as I have written - I have 8 nodes (PCs/workstations). Each of them needs to communicate to Linux/Samba server where application is shared. DOS must have samba client. VB wont help that way.
However I do my tests with FreeDOS inside of VirtualBox.
@Marc - yes, Im playing around that.
So far, on the FreeDOS I have managed to get 485KB of free conventional memory. Application I need to run requires little bit above 500KB.
MS Client take most of it... nightmare :(
One last chance might be NFS client for DOS...
But I was just hoping that there is some old/discontinued Samba project for DOS.
Dnia 8 maja 2013 0:18 Neal Murphy <neal.p.murphy at alum.wpi.edu> napisał(a):
On Tuesday, May 07, 2013 05:57:13 PM G.W. Haywood wrote:
> Hi there,
> On Tue, 7 May 2013 czezz wrote:
> > I use FreeDOS with MS Client to map a network drive. However MS
> > Client is a memory hog and prevents me to run all applications I
> > need. Therefore I would like to ask here is there SAMBA
> > implementation for DOS ?
> Have you considered using DOSBox on a Linux machine? Then you can do
> whatever you want with drives, mapping, NAS, or whatever. I use it a
> lot for an old application that I wrote over twenty years ago, it does
> everything that I need.
> Alternatively you could try VirtualBox, which will let you do similar
> things with drives but I don't know how flexible it is.
To extend this concept a little, mayhap czezz could run each DOS app in a 
separate VM or separate DOSBox. Then he wouldn't need to worry about RAM.
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