[Samba] "Failed to modify SPNs on … error in module acl: insufficient access rights" error

Nick Semenkovich semenko at alum.mit.edu
Thu May 2 12:23:52 MDT 2013

My samba4 (latest git, @ 5f826415) logs seem to be littered with this error:

[2013/05/02 13:10:39,  0]
  Failed to modify SPNs on
CN=AIO6,CN=Computers,DC=corp,DC=example,DC=com: error in module acl:
insufficient access rights (50)

Any thoughts on debugging this / fixing this issue?

It's only this one machine CN (AIO6). None of the other ~15 identical
machines show up in the logs, only this one.

I see a few (old) threads suggesting this error/bug was fixed, e.g.


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