[Samba] Samba, Win7 login failure

snowybunting snowybunting29er at gmail.com
Wed May 1 08:33:44 MDT 2013

I have an XP box that is hosting our MRP server software with the 
databases on a Centos 5 machine via samba. I was running all my apps on 
it as well. I decided to dedicate that machine to the server software 
and got a Win7 machine for my apps, databases still on the centos box. I 
changed the name of the XP machine to "server", it still logs into samba 
with my credentials. The Win7 machine is named differently than the XP 
box. It will not log into samba shares with my credentials, but it will 
if I use someone else's. Smbclient -L back to the Win7 machine fails, 
but works to the XP machine and its new name. Since logging in with 
another users name works, I have to think the Win7 is communicating 
properly, I just can't get there with my own credentials. Using my 
credentials on any other windows box on the network works fine. I'm 
thinking I missed a step with the new machine, but can't put my finger 
on it. Any help is appreciated.

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