[Samba] Samba4 does't run netlogon scripts and batch files

Varda Zklir v20z at yahoo.com
Wed May 1 07:43:27 MDT 2013

Thnaks for you reply.

> So a couple of things come into play
> here, when moving to AD you need to

No, I've started Samba4 as PDC "server role = classic primary domain controller" and want to keep such compatibility as much as possible.

> either create a Group Policy that will run the logon script,
> or set the
> logon script per individual.

Please point or describe to me a way to do this.

> Secondly, .bat should be able
> to run off the
> network drive by setting the correct ACL's (I was thinking
> chmod 755 from
> linux worked, but I may be wrong), in windows, right click
> on the .bat,
> then hit the security tab, and add something like everyone,
> or
> authenticated users, and select the correct acl's

Is there a way to avoid editing access rights to 755 for executable files on network shares? Because my shares configured with "create mask = 644" for user's uploaded files and I do not want to break this functionality and want keeps user's files with 644 permissions on server. Is this possible with Samba4?

Thank You.

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