[Samba] Samba4 issue: roaming profile mismatch betweens W2k/XP machines due to enabled o

?icro MEGAS micromegas at mail333.com
Wed Mar 27 06:04:28 MDT 2013

Samba 4.0.4 installed, provisioned by classicupgrade, running on Debian Squeeze:
The issue is, that changes to the roaming profile is not transferred after log ins/outs between Win2K and XP machine. In example: I log into the W2k machine with my testuser and create a "testdir1" and "testdir2" on the Desktop. I logoff again. I check with "ls -l" if these directories was created on samba4 side at the file system (profiles share path). The test directories were created and the permissions + acls looks fine. Now I logon with this testuser at winXP machine. I can see "testdir1" + "testdir2" on the desktop. Now I delete "testdir1" and create a new dir called "fromxphost". So I see on the XP machine two dirs, called "testdir2" + "fromxphost". I logoff from the XPhost and log into the w2k machine again. Here is the issue --> I see three directories, called "testdir1", "testdir2" and "fromxphost". When I logoff now again, these 3 directories will of course saved exactly like this onto the roaming profile. When the user logs into XP machine afterwards, he also will see these 3 directories. I have tested various user account and w2k/xp hosts. When I add/delete directories on this way to the w2k host logged on, no problem occurs. The user sees the updated directories. The problem occurs when the user switches from W2K --to---> XP host, or vice-versa.

I think I have found out the reason of my problem with w2k clients and roaming profile mismatch --> samba4 uses offline caching which I cannot explain why so? In samba3 there was an option in smb.conf called "csc policy" or something like that. But smb.conf in samba4 doesn't seem to exist. I have realized that a Windows XP client in my samba4 domain writes warning to the event log that offline caching on the roaming profile was detected ! Unfortunately I see no way to disable that on samba4 server. Exact the same issue was mentioned by another user in February on the samba list here:


With WinXP and Win7 there seems no problem as the content of the roaming profile seems to be saved/loaded correctly. Didnt realize any mismatch issues with WinXP/Win7 clients before. But on W2k clients it does NOT :( thats really a big issue in my case, cause we still have about 15-20 W2k clients in prod. environment. At luck I am not migrated yet to Samba4 on prod.env. cause I am still testing on my isolated test environment where I test with various Win2k, WinXP and Win7 clients. Under this circumstances I **CANNOT** migrate my samba3 domain to the new samba4 domain, as all my W2k clients would show this issue. Any information on developer side regarding this offline caching mechanism on samba4 ? any help, hint, info is really appreciated.

Lucas (local at irc)

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