[Samba] Migrating Win2000 PDC to Samba4 AD

felix at epepm.cupet.cu felix at epepm.cupet.cu
Fri Mar 15 11:02:28 MDT 2013

> Hi!
> We want to replace an old Win2000 Server (PDC). As we've already some
> Samba4 AD-Controllers up and running we would like to migrate to that
> setup.
> Unfortunatly we're not really good at Windows-Stuff - our main Focus
> ist Linux.
> So perhaps someone could point as to a good (and ideally painless :-))
> way to migrate.
> So the current setup is:
> A single Win2000 PDC used mainly as File- and Printserver on some
> ancient Hardware. Clients run WinXP and Win7.
> What we want to achieve:
> A Samba4 AD server offering File- and Printservices on new Hardware.
> (Later on we add another Samba4 Server in the same AD which we've
> already done on another Installation, so no problem here)
> What we consider as possibly helpful things we have available: A
> Windows 2003 License and a Win2008R2 License which is currently unused.
> All new hardware is virtualized, so it's no problem to setup some
> additional server as intermediate step if necessary.
> So, any Windows-Guru available that can help us with that task and
> without having to recreate the whole Windows domain with all it's
> users and rejoining and reconfiguring all client-PCs?

I think this is what you're looking for:



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