[Samba] Decommissioning old PDC

Loren M. Lang lorenl at alzatex.com
Tue Jun 25 19:36:27 MDT 2013

I'm trying to decommission our PDC which is running on some older
hardware and migrate it's functionality to one of our two currently
operating BDCs for the domain. The three servers have nearly identical
configurations with only differences in file and printer shares and a
couple attributes like "wins support" and "domain master". They all have
identical netlogon shares with identical content as well. One of the two
BDCs is currently operating as the WINS server, not the PDC. I've
already moved the primary LDAP server to the BDC with the WINS server
and the current PDC is using that as it's master LDAP server with it's
own, internal LDAP server as a backup.

My understanding is that, next, I have to demote the PDC to a BDC by
setting it's "domain master" and "preferred master" attributes to No and
then restart it. After it's running as a BDC, I can then promote the BDC
with WINS server and master LDAP server to a PDC by setting "domain
master" and "preferred master" to Yes and restart it. I should then make
sure that the DOMAIN#1b and DOMAIN#1d are pointing to the new server to
verify it's operating correctly. Should this correctly migrate the PDC?

Eventually, I would like to demote the former PDC to a mere domain
member serving files that it still has on it. To do this, I need to set
"domain logons" to No and remove the ldapsam from "passdb backend". I
also remember setting the SID for each DC using "net rpc getsid". Do I
need to undo that or reset the machines SID to a randomly generated one
now that it's no longer a DC? Anything else I need to do?

Loren M. Lang
lorenl at alzatex.com

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