[Samba] autorid not working

Hugh Jennings hugh at photosat.ca
Mon Jun 24 15:38:38 MDT 2013


I have 12 linux servers that I would like users authenticating against my
active directory.

In a test environment I have tried setting up autorid so a user logged into
server A sees the same ownership etc as the a user logged into server B.

I tried using the minimal config from the idmap_autorid man page

	idmap config * : backend = autorid
	idmap config * : range = 1000000-1999999

Unfortunately, if user tom a creates a file /network/server/file/path
on server A. On server B the ownership might be shown as jerry.

Have I misunderstood the intent of autorid?

In my test environment users are able to login with no problem and
wbinfo retrieves the same information from all servers.

Any ideas?


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