[Samba] DNS replication and BDCs

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Thu Jun 20 11:55:40 MDT 2013


For normal readers you kn ow already my setup, but for those new here, I 
have a Samba4 PDC and two BDCs one a samba4 and the other a W2k8 R2 machine.

Yesterday we had problems with our upstream service provider and my PDC 
(Backend BIND 9 DLZ) went down for some hours, as you might guess my 
whole AD was down due to the fact that the main DNS was down.

I would like youi to point me or tell me how do I create a fail-over or 
high availability system so that when one of the DCs is down the other 
takes over Auth tasks and obviously DNS.

I've thought a solution would be to make a slave BIND DNS on another 
slaver and replicate the Samba Zone and add aappropriate NS and A 
records to the main zone so that clients can query another DNS for the 
zone and not fail as I faced yesterday. This is a production environment 
scenario and I have many servers authenticating users against the samba 
server so if this fails everything else does.

I'd really appreciate your advise here.

Thanks again.

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