[Samba] samba and server availability

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Fri Jun 14 09:25:37 MDT 2013

Hello Blake,

Am 14.06.2013 15:58, schrieb Blake Patton:
 > thanks for your reply. There is no wireless on the network. 2
 > interface cards. one for the inside of the network, and one for the
 > dirty interface (internet).

Then I misunderstood that. But this isn't a problem, because then it's 
clear, that you don't want to listen Samba on that interface for sure.

interfaces = lo eth0
to your smb.conf and restart Samba (replace eth0 if this isn't your 
internal NIC). Let Samba listen on all interfaces (+ loopback), you want 
to serve to.

 > This box is set up the same
 > as my others ( 9 at this time) although they don't have connectivity
 > issues, the internet is always up.

How are the others connected to the internet? Is it the same than the 
problem-box (one NIC to LAN, one NIC to I-Net)? And is their Internet 
connection the same (wireless or is it stable and wired)?

 > I suspect (guess) it has something to do with dns,...

If the clients can still resolve their own domain stuff, it should work. 
You can configure the problem-box to forward DNS requests to one of your 
working hosts. Then exclude this.

 > ... but why would the server disappear from
 > network neighborhood, or in Win 7 the network.

What version of Samba do you run? If 4, do you run it in AD mode or 
NT4-style? Samba 4 in AD mode, doesn't have Netbios browsing (network 
neighbourhood) yet:

 > There is no NetBIOS browsing support (network neighbourhood)
 > available for the AD domain controller. (Support in nmbd and smbd for
 > classic domains and member/standalone servers is unchanged).


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