[Samba] samba and server availability

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Fri Jun 14 04:04:57 MDT 2013

Hello Blake,

Am 12.06.2013 00:50, schrieb Blake Patton:
> Greetings, I have a samba server working fine, it is on a stock debian
> box, with 2 nics, one inside and one outside. The problem I have is that
> when the outside interface goes down, (the internet connection is a
> wireless connection and in inclement weather the connection is
> unavailable for some time). nobody on the internal network is able to
> even see the server let alone the shares. I am stumped on this one, any
> ideas.

Should samba listen on the wireless interface, too? If not, you can 
restrict Samba to listen only on defined interfaces (interfaces = lo eth0).

When the WLAN disconnects, does its interface dissappears? I don't know 
what system/backend you are running, so this is maybe something, that 
confuses Samba.

Does anything interesting appears in the system log, when the WLAN goes 
down? And also in the Samba logs?

Please give some more information (versions, OS, does NetworkManager 
manages your NICs or something else, etc.), to make it easier to find 
the problem.


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