[Samba] Building Samba4 for Debian from Git

Dominique dcouot at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 10 02:40:48 MDT 2013


I am trying to build samba4 for an Ubuntu 12 server, as the provided 
package by Canonical is an alpha version. I got the latest? source from 
git:git clone git://git.samba.org/samba.git samba-master
I then build it from this source (make/configure/maske install) and it 
worked. However, I realized that I neededto package it for Ubuntu to 
recognize the install and not offer to install it when other programs 
looked for samba4...

I tried to build a package with git-buildpackage but I got a error for 
missing debian/changelog...
I understand I was missing that file, but not only: debian/rules does 
not seem to be included.

 From there I got lost with various how-tos - even the official samba link
git clone git://git.debian.org/pkg-samba/samba4 samba4-unstable

Does not work either...

I am sure there is a way to build a package for the last stable samba4 for Ubuntu, but I cant seem to figured it out...

Anyone with some pointers?

Thanks for the help,



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