[Samba] Dial-In snap in not working

"David González Herrera - [DGHVoIP]" info at dghvoip.com
Sat Jun 8 22:32:25 MDT 2013

Hey List,

Let;s try another question and see how it goes, other 5+ have gone 
unanswered such a shame :(

Anyways, here it goes again, I have a samba DC and a w2k8r2 joined to 
the domain and cdpromo'ed to a DC,Iinstalled RRAS services and NPS and I 
don't really know if that's something to do with the fact that the 
Dial-In tab is non functional anymore it shows an error about the dial 
in tab not able to initialize, after some research and the permission 
checking on



I see no errors on samba when I try to open the tab so I guess it's a 
windows issue but it reports "unknown error" so I'm pretty clueless there.

If you can shed some light on me thanks a lot.

David Gonzalez
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