[Samba] _msdcs names

Paul Littlefield info at paully.co.uk
Wed Jun 5 04:51:54 MDT 2013

On 04/06/13 23:47, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> We really don't want that in the wiki, because you should not be putting
> fixed things in /etc/hosts, we have to fix it another way.  What we do
> want is to know:

Hi Andrew

Thanks for picking this up!

>   - is this still an issue in GIT master?

Not sure. When setting up our DC #1 I did originally git from samba-master, but that was a month ago. I decided to match the git revision for DC #2, and all seemed fine apart from this last little hiccup.

So, it may well have been fixed in the latest git samba-master.

I DO intend to keep these DCs up-to-date regularly, either from samba-master or stable whichever you think is best :-)

>   - can we detect the difference between this error and a real
> non-existent name by looking at return codes (we had a similar issue on
> FreeBSD, and caught it this way).  I'm hoping we might just be missing
> that fix, or there was a regression in that.


> We have (multiple) alternative DNS resolvers internally, and we do use
> them.  We try to use nss when we can, but fall back for the cases that
> don't work.  If we can't rely on the error code, we may have to use a
> pre-check of the name instead.
> Any assistance tracking this down most valued, as it seems to be biting
> folks.

I would LOVE to help you folks out.

Words cannot describe how impressed I am with Samba (through the many years I have been using it) and indeed more so now with Samba4.

What would you like me to do?





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