[Samba] Problem with Microsoft.com domain address translation in Samba 4 AD.

Adrian Kastrau akastrau at outlook.com
Wed Jul 24 12:09:32 MDT 2013


First of all I’d like to thank Samba 4 Dev Team. New Samba is a great product. 

I want to replace old Windows 2000 SBS in my school network. I’mtesting Samba in Virtualbox with 2 network cards. 1st network card (eth0) is connected to the Internet. Next card is connected to the Internal network (eth1)

All of interfaces have assigned static IP

I use Internal DNS, I also added iptables rules to redirect traffic to the router (of course I configured DNS server). I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. 

When I’ve tried visit Microsoft.com I get DNS error. I haven’t any problems with other websites such as Google or Youtube.

I don’t know what I should do in that case.

Best regards.

Adrian Kastrau

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