[Samba] i can figure out. is it config issue or bug. please help

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 07:06:38 MDT 2013

So you really mean Samba 2.7 or do you mean Samba 3.2.7 ?

On 07/17/13 02:09, Muhammad Yousuf Khan wrote:
> i am using samba 3.6.5 with winbind.for active directory authentication
> there is a samba share folder name "Filesharing" and plethora of folders
> are inside it.
> i have been using 2.7 stable for more then 2 years with no problem however
> after my harddisk failure i had to restore data to new server. and install
> samba from zero , fortunately or unfortunately samba has been updated in
> debian repository to 3.5.6
> root at nas:/nas/backup# smbd -V
> Version 3.5.6
> all user including owner user and group can see shared file but only
> everyone/all users can not copy the file to there desktop or any other
> location in windows 7, they receive permission denied
> messages however these are the same settings that i used to work with Samba
> 2.7 stable.
> even groups who to not have "r-x" permission can not copy data.
> same goes for eveyone with "r-x" no user can copy the data.
> until i give them "rwx"
> this wasn't happening previously.
> is there anyone who can help me in this regard.
> Thanks,

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