[Samba] need soms tips for adding samba4 to windows 2008R2 domain

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Jul 17 03:29:39 MDT 2013

Hai  Marc, 
Thanks for your reply. 

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>Hello Louis,
>Am 15.07.2013 12:48, schrieb L.P.H. van Belle:
>> 1) keep my existing windows 2008 domain.  ( contains dhcp + 
>dns + AD )
>>      its a clean domain, no users yet. dhcp+dns is used already.
>> 2) add samba4 to the windows domain dc as  secondairy DC.
>>      ( this server wil be my zarafa mail server )
>Setup and joining a Samba machine as DC you can find here:

This step, Im using bind, i already have windows setup to replicate the DNS to some other linux servers.
can i just point samba to the windows server, or can i use the replicated dns, or
do i need to setup the dns completely also for samba.

Thats not clear in the howto. 
because this howto points to : http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba4/HOWTO/Join_a_domain_as_a_DC 
( im using the enterprise samba packages on ubuntu 12.04 ) 
and http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Dns-backend_bind 

Realy, im sorry to say, but for me the wiki is a maze of information.
to much referendes to other locations. 
the, im pointed to  http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba4/HOWTO/Join_a_domain_as_a_DC 
there i read.  

This HOWTO will assume you had configured and installed Samba in the default location of /usr/local/samba. 
It assumes you are joining Samba to an existing domain called 'samdom.example.com'. 

??? really im lost. 
sorry, i think its me,.... :-(( 

>> 3) add samba3/4 servers tot this domain als domain members.  
>( i know this for samba3 )
>> 4) for my remote location i also want to add samba4 servers, 
>which wil get there own share for profiles.
>>      ( this i know )
>Same as 3. But for the users who should have their profiles on the 
>remote server, you have to specify their profile path in ADUC pointing 
>to this server.
>Some information about roaming profiles:
>> my old environment is running samba3 +Ldap.
>> I do not need the old info with clasic upgrade, because some 
>pc's have same sid's, and im setting this up for windows 7 pc's.
>Here's the point, where I'm not sure, if I fully understand you. In 1 
>you wrote, that you are having an AD, but with no users. Here you say 
>you have a Samba NT4 style domain with users, etc.

Yes, this is correct, i now have 
1 samba domain, on which everyone is working. ( pdc+bdc ldap etc ) 
extra domain, 2 windows servers for my voip., no users on it, 
im going to use this AD, for my users, so this wil be the new domain when ready. 
( with newly installed pc's ) 

>Do you want to bring them together? I mean keep your Windows 
>Domain and 
>migrate the Samba3 accounts to the domain? You can export your LDAP, 
>script something around for the changes and import them in 
>your AD. But 
>you have to re-join your workstations then.

This is not needed, because im replacing al of the pc's from XP to Win7. 
Clean pc's in new domain, i have a pxe setup for my pc installs so thats ok. 

>Or do you want a trust. But this isn't possible in both directions yet:
>Or do you skip the old domain and join the PCs to the new Windows 
>domain? Then just follow the HowTos above.

Great, im going to setup from the howto's . 
I dont need trusts.  ( and if needed i just authenticatie with DOMAIN\user to a server ) 
so the trust is not needed. 

>If you meant something else, please give some more details :-)
Here you are. 
> > Question here is, do i need the registry fixes for windows 7, if my
> > windows 2008 DC if domain controller.
>No registry changes, if your Domain is provided by Windows or 
>Samba AD. 
>I have read that it's necessary for a Samba NT4 style domain 
>only. But I 
>haven't used a Samba PDC with Win7 yet myself (only Samba AD).

I have some win7 on the NT4 style domain, but i didnt use any registry fixed.
and, it works, 


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