[Samba] need soms tips for adding samba4 to windows 2008R2 domain

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Mon Jul 15 11:39:17 MDT 2013

Hello Louis,

Am 15.07.2013 12:48, schrieb L.P.H. van Belle:
> 1) keep my existing windows 2008 domain.  ( contains dhcp + dns + AD )
>      its a clean domain, no users yet. dhcp+dns is used already.
> 2) add samba4 to the windows domain dc as  secondairy DC.
>      ( this server wil be my zarafa mail server )

Setup and joining a Samba machine as DC you can find here:

> 3) add samba3/4 servers tot this domain als domain members.  ( i know this for samba3 )


> 4) for my remote location i also want to add samba4 servers, which wil get there own share for profiles.
>      ( this i know )

Same as 3. But for the users who should have their profiles on the 
remote server, you have to specify their profile path in ADUC pointing 
to this server.

Some information about roaming profiles:

> my old environment is running samba3 +Ldap.
> I do not need the old info with clasic upgrade, because some pc's have same sid's, and im setting this up for windows 7 pc's.

Here's the point, where I'm not sure, if I fully understand you. In 1 
you wrote, that you are having an AD, but with no users. Here you say 
you have a Samba NT4 style domain with users, etc.

Do you want to bring them together? I mean keep your Windows Domain and 
migrate the Samba3 accounts to the domain? You can export your LDAP, 
script something around for the changes and import them in your AD. But 
you have to re-join your workstations then.

Or do you want a trust. But this isn't possible in both directions yet:

Or do you skip the old domain and join the PCs to the new Windows 
domain? Then just follow the HowTos above.

If you meant something else, please give some more details :-)

 > Question here is, do i need the registry fixes for windows 7, if my
 > windows 2008 DC if domain controller.

No registry changes, if your Domain is provided by Windows or Samba AD. 
I have read that it's necessary for a Samba NT4 style domain only. But I 
haven't used a Samba PDC with Win7 yet myself (only Samba AD).


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