[Samba] About NAS versus Samba

Chris Weiss cweiss at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 07:18:43 MDT 2013

On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 11:03 PM,  <fernando at lozano.eti.br> wrote:
> Hi Cris,
>>> Hi there, Has anyone tried to configure a NAS server to authenticate
>>> users using a Samba PDC, or even a Samba4 DC (AD-compatible) or an IPA
>>> server?
>> not in a while, but I have done a samba 3 DC
> This was not my question. I'm ok running samba 3 DCs. :-)

oh but it was!  PDC means NT4 style, so samba PDC means samba 3
domain!  If you're searching for information, this kind of nitpicky
detail is important for an accurate answer.

> Have you ever configured a NAS so it would authenticate users from your
> Samba DC and them serve SMB file shares (aka network drives) to Windows
> desktops?
>>> I'm evaluating replacing some Linux file server for a NAS product, but
>>> all them make me nervous when the vendor talks about "Active Directory
>>> support" and nothing else.
>> if 3rd party support is your concern, why are you using fedora instead of
>> RHEL?
> Are you trying to sell me RHEL subscriptions or help me with my question?
> ;-) Anything wrong about asking about Fedora on a Fedora list, or any server
> issue is forbidden for Fedora users? ;-)

I guess it's the IT manager in me.  I either want something that I
make someone else fix, or I want something that I'm probably going to
void the warranty on so I can make it do what I want.

> AFAIK it shouldn't matter, from a technical perspective, [clip]

I agree.  But you're asking questions that show us that you assume
that this is not the case.  If that's your concern, then the disto
you're using is important since they all put in their own patches, or
not, and that's where issues raise.

if you can verify the samba version on the nas, that should have your
answer since those issues are well tracked.  Generally, if it supports
AD, it supports a samba AD.  Bugs are possible, but bugs can also be

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