[Samba] Logon scripts, home directories, and Samba4 AD

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.hu
Wed Jul 3 01:22:05 MDT 2013

> This could do the job
> Identify the home share on your samba3 fileserver (certain it is member of
> your samba4 domain?!) as dfs root
> Ex:
> msdfs root= yes
> On samba4 ads
> [home]
>          msdfs proxy= \your-samba3-server\homes
>          read only = No
> with rsat point to \your-samba3-server\homes
> Good luck
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Even easier specify \\your-samba3-server\%USERNAME% as the home folder 
setting under ADUC for all the users you want (you can even select them 
set this once) if you also specify home drive H: it will get mounted at 
that drive letter
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> Betreff: [Samba] Logon scripts, home directories, and Samba4 AD
> I apologize if this appears twice: I posted it several hours ago and it has
> not appeared on the list, so I am tweaking the email address and trying
> again.
> I have two separate (virtual) servers: one running Samba4 functioning as an
> AD controller, and one running Samba 3.6.1  functioning as a file & print
> server.
> On the Samba3 side I am using security=ads and winbind and authenticating
> against the Samba4 ADC.  Everything is working great.
> Where things get a little messy is with the [homes] shares.
> Here is what I am doing now:
> My Samba3 smb.conf has a typical [homes] section.  I create a subdirectory
> for each user, and set ownership & permissions.
> I create a logon script on the Samba4 system -- one for each user, because
> the username is embedded in it:
> net use H: \\samba3\username
> And then I use RSAT to set the logon script to the correct value for each
> user.
> It's just a lot of steps that need to be performed (perfectly) for each
> user.  Is there a better way?
> I see RSAT allows me to specify a "Home folder".  Could this be a folder on
> the Samba3 server -- ie, \\samba3\username ? (I tried that and it did not
> work)
> I can imagine some scripts that would create the logon script on the Samba4
> system, and create the necessary directories on the Samba3 system.  I could
> probably manage that, but I hate to re-invent the wheel --
> If there is a clean, orthodox way to do this, I would like to know what it
> is.
> Thank you.
> Lee Allen
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Geza Gemes

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