[Samba] Migrate from Windows AD to Samba 4

Aleix Dorca Josa adorca at uda.ad
Wed Jan 30 12:17:24 MST 2013

As curriegrad2004 has said you need to move these roles... There are two ways of doing it, via MS AD or via Samba4... I've managed, in the past, to move the four roles without too many problems... Any googled site explaining how to move the roles will do. There's also a samba-tool command to manage these roles.

As for your setup, I am trying to accomplish exactly the same. My question is: have you been able to replicate correctly the DNS Zone from MS AD to Samba 4? Have you tried to demote the old MS AD with DCPROMO? I always get a message saying that the DNS could not be correctly moved and that the last 'replicated' copy is still on the old MS AD.

What version of MS AD are you running? I've been trying these for months, since the first Samba4 RC with no luck.

If you manage to finally shut down completely and effectively the old MS AD I'd really appreciate to know how have you managed to do it.



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