[Samba] upgrade samba

Harry Jede walk2sun at arcor.de
Mon Jan 28 09:06:48 MST 2013

On 16:55:05 wrote Fabrizio Monti:
> Hi Nico Kadel-Garcia,
> thanks for reply. Path for smbldap is correct. Other log file have
> 2013/01/25 17:20:13.974204,  1]
> auth/server_info.c:386(samu_to_SamInfo3) The primary group domain
> sid(S-1-5-21-3564791867-1010203101-2143723903-513) does not match the
> domain sid(S-1-5-21-2427793829-1009842549-3523806979) for
> Manager(S-1-5-21-2427793829-1009842549-3523806979-500)
You have a SID problem:

So it seems to be a config/upgrade problem.

Check the output from:
net getdomainsid

also control the sid settting in smbldaptools.conf


> Then the problem is sid, samba-3.3 probabily do not check sid. Ldap
> is workin so it is possible disable sid check in samba-3.6?
SIDs are Microsofts primary security indentifier. I believe you can not 
change this.

> Fabrizio.


	Harry Jede

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