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My Kernel/Filesystem supports per default 'user_xattr' and  'acl'. 
The 'barrier=1' options isn't set but this shouldn't be the issue.

Sry. for the noob question but, how to set acl attributes for my shares with linux to work well for windows?
As a bonus question, how to set share access permissions for users, groups in samba4? Like in samba3 via smb.conf per share or different eg. via the windows remote tools only?

About the backup; Somewhere I read about a dedicated samba_backup tool but this seems to be gone in the current build?

Thank you + Best,

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> Hello,
> I am attempting to answer your question 2:
> could you confirm your file system is supporting xattr ? this should be
> compiled with your kernel and set to your file systen on mount.
> You certainly need to set ACL attributes for your folder after you've
> created it, If you want to manipulate them from windows.
> It might be needed that you have this under your share in smb.conf : vfs
> objects = acl_xattr
> For the backup, I am afraid there isn't such mecanism as you are asking.
> You can use tools like rsync or whatever to backup your samba4 and share
> data folder as convenient.
> Best Regards,
> Inno.
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> Hello everyone,
> Currently I test smb4. 
> I successfully installed samba 4 (ntp, internal_dns) including a joined
> win7pro client + I'm able to use Windows Remote Administration Tools and the
> Group Policy Management stuff.
> _1 Backup
> Is there a common way to backup samba4 for disaster recovery scenarios or
> to port it to another machine?
> _2 Security tab is missing on Shares only
> I defined a trivial share in smb.conf
> [test]
>       path = /srv/data
>       comment = Test Share
>       read only = no
> I created the share just mkdir data
> I know that it is common to set the permissions at this point from
> windows, but If I right click on my share or in folders in it the security tab is
> missing? This is for domain admins and for domain users with per default.
> On local drives the security tab is present.
> What do I forgot or Whats wrong with my setup?
> I appreciate any hints.
> Best,
> Q 
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