[Samba] two samba4 questions

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Fri Jan 25 15:33:56 MST 2013

Hello everyone,

Currently I test smb4. 
I successfully installed samba 4 (ntp, internal_dns) including a joined win7pro client + I'm able to use Windows Remote Administration Tools and the Group Policy Management stuff.

_1 Backup
Is there a common way to backup samba4 for disaster recovery scenarios or to port it to another machine?

_2 Security tab is missing on Shares only
I defined a trivial share in smb.conf
      path = /srv/data
      comment = Test Share
      read only = no

I created the share just mkdir data

I know that it is common to set the permissions at this point from windows, but If I right click on my share or in folders in it the security tab is missing? This is for domain admins and for domain users with per default. On local drives the security tab is present.

What do I forgot or Whats wrong with my setup?

I appreciate any hints.


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