[Samba] Change "Computers" settings in Samba 4

Mario Codeniera mario.codeniera at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 17:45:05 MST 2013


I used to successfully migrated Samba3 to Samba4 but there are some
problems which I can't proceed coz it needs to be re-authenticated the
computers/machines previously connected in Samba3.

As I observed, using the Windows Remote Administration Tools (Active
Directory Users and Computers) under the Computers, the computer name
properties in General tab some entries are blanks
a) DNS name
b) Role/DC Type
c) Site -> under win7
d) Description --> can be edited

But when I used to re-authenticate, it shows an entries like these
*Computer name (pre-Windows 2000): uchiha*
*DNS name: uchiha.itachi.kazekage.net*
*Role: Workstation or server*
*Site: <blank> using Win7 WRAT*
*Description: Computer*

where *itachi.kazekage.net* --> is the realm in classicupgrade
By the way, the users don't have a problems, meaning once re-authenticated
it login smoothly without problem so far.

My question now, how can we manually edit it in samba4? Or any commands
that will edit it? and including the Operating System tab details. My plan
is manually editing it or running a script that will add the DNS name which
I think the most important which impossible as for my scenario. Or maybe it
will be added in the provision (in classicupgrade) automatically?

Hope someone gives an insights, as much as possible don't want to
re-authenticate all machines manually. Thank you.


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