[Samba] Change "Computers" settings in Samba 4

Mario Codeniera mario.codeniera at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 22:12:25 MST 2013

In relation to this, I used to clone a copy of the windows xp client
uchiha. After that run clone and change the computer name to senju, which
ask to restart. It is running fine.

But when I shutdown senju to run the original one uchiha, I can't login.
What I did login as local administrator account and re-authenticate but
gave me an error

*Computer Name Changes Dialog Box*
*The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "
*No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.*

Then check on the Samba4 Logs,
*Failed to create user record
CN=UCHIHA,CN=Computers,DC=itachi,DC=kazekage,DC=net: Entry
already exists*
And on the Remote Administration Tools using the Windows 7 machine
itachi.kazekage.net--> Computers --> uchiha (Right click -->properties)

*Computer name (pre-Windows 2000): senju*
*DNS name: senju.itachi.kazekage.net*
*Role: Workstation or server*
*Site: <blank> *
*Description: Computer*

I just testing if gonna work, but so far they have a same SID which can't
be done. But the question is why the cn (uchiha) doesn't change and only
displayName was change to senju? How do I able to have another copy - a
running clone ? It only created one account in the database.

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 1:45 PM, Mario Codeniera
<mario.codeniera at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I used to successfully migrated Samba3 to Samba4 but there are some
> problems which I can't proceed coz it needs to be re-authenticated the
> computers/machines previously connected in Samba3.
> As I observed, using the Windows Remote Administration Tools (Active
> Directory Users and Computers) under the Computers, the computer name
> properties in General tab some entries are blanks
> a) DNS name
> b) Role/DC Type
> c) Site -> under win7
> d) Description --> can be edited
> But when I used to re-authenticate, it shows an entries like these
> *Computer name (pre-Windows 2000): uchiha*
> *DNS name: uchiha.itachi.kazekage.net*
> *Role: Workstation or server*
> *Site: <blank> using Win7 WRAT*
> *Description: Computer*
> where *itachi.kazekage.net* --> is the realm in classicupgrade
> By the way, the users don't have a problems, meaning once re-authenticated
> it login smoothly without problem so far.
> My question now, how can we manually edit it in samba4? Or any commands
> that will edit it? and including the Operating System tab details. My plan
> is manually editing it or running a script that will add the DNS name which
> I think the most important which impossible as for my scenario. Or maybe it
> will be added in the provision (in classicupgrade) automatically?
> Hope someone gives an insights, as much as possible don't want to
> re-authenticate all machines manually. Thank you.
> Mario

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