[Samba] Samba4 & Key Management Server; DNS Failure To Register

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.hu
Sat Jan 5 00:12:05 MST 2013

2013-01-04 21:18 keltezéssel, Adam Tauno Williams írta:
> I have Microsoft Key Management server on a Windows 2003 server - joined
> to my new Samba4 AD domain.
> But the KMS is not available.  In the event log it says:
> Event Type:	Error
> Event Source:	Software Licensing Service
> Event Category:	None
> Event ID:	12293
> Date:		1/4/2013
> Time:		3:05:38 PM
> User:		N/A
> Computer:	IPECACA
> Description:
> Publishing the Key Management Service (KMS) to DNS in the 'micore.us'
> domain failed.
> Info:
> hr=0x80072338
> Our Samba4 DC is using the Internal DNS.
As a workaround would suggest to add the DNS entries manually or disable 
DNS autoregistration of the kms service as described in:


Geza Gemes

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