[Samba] Migrating kerberos KDC data into Samba4 internal KDC

John Perkins john at cs.wisc.edu
Fri Jan 4 15:50:56 MST 2013

Is there a mechanism migrate/import user principal information from an 
MIT KDC into a Samba4 internal KDC?

We currently run our Active Directory users with Account Mappings that 
utilize a cross-realm trust between our MIT KDC (where user principals 
are maintained) and the Active Directory domain, as documented at 
*http://tinyurl.com/bx9znca*  This works fine for our Windows clients, 
but it does cause some headaches for software and some clients that 
expect to find username/password information in Active Directory.

Using the MIT KDC as the KDC for the Samba4 ADS controller would be 
fine, or some mechanism to sync user principal information between the 
KDCs should do what I'm looking for.  Unfortunately, I'm not certain 
this functionality is feasible or even possible.


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