[Samba] Samba 3 master browser on two networks plus WINS

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 07:13:06 MST 2013

Is samba bound to a subnet1 interface only or all interfaces.  Can 
subnet2 clients connect to samba via either IP?  Are subnet2 clients 
supposed to be using samba services via the subnet1 IP or the subnet2 IP 
on the server?    The first  would involve going thru the firewall, 
which seems unnecessary with a dual homed samba server.    The 2nd, 
however, probably rules out using WINS for the subnet2 clients since you 
would NOT want traffic going thru the firewall.

What IP are the clients on subnet2 using for a WINS server?  Can you try 
having the clients on subnet2 use samba server subnet1 IP as the WINS 
server?  I haven't tried running WINS on a dual homed system.  I would 
guess it you cat the wins.dat file (or tdbdump wins.tbd) you will only 
see registrations for subnet1.

Have you specified any ports in the smb.conf file?  Samba 3 uses "NT4" 
type smb-over-NBT (ports 137,138,139 and not 445) BUT I have found that 
explicitly specifying ports in smb.conf breaks more things than it fixes.

On 01/03/13 04:01, Gala Dragos wrote:
> I'm banging my head against the wall here with a problem that I have.
> I have one Samba 3 server on a linux box with 2 ethernet interfaces, each given a different subnet. The same box does dhcp leases on both networks, with wins option pointing to this server.
> Firewall was configured to allow the best unobtrusive communication between the two subnets, I can ping between the subnets and receive response, I can also access some other services, like http, from one subnet to the other.
> I have setup on this server a common Public share, which works.
> Now I'm trying to get the Samba PC from subnet 1 to see the Samba PC from subnet 2 and viceversa, but to no avail. On subnet 1 I can see access the server via it's NetBIOS name, but on subnet 2 I can only see the server and access it via it's IP. No other Samba PC's can be seen across the subnets! All pc's have the same workgroup.
> What to enable in configuration in order to be able to do cross subnet browsing with samba ?
> Thanks.

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