[Samba] Windows 8 and roaming profiles hosted on Samba - NO ONE does this?

Rainer Meier rme at bluemail.ch
Wed Jan 2 09:38:57 MST 2013

On 20.12.2012 20:59, Nick wrote:
> After searching Google for many days/weeks, I've discovered that apparently NO
> ONE on the planet uses Windows 8 w/ roaming profiles and Samba!

This is wrong. In fact I do. Or more preciesely I have tried to use Samba 3.6 
with Windows 8 Roaming Profiles. In fact I did run into exactly the same 
problems and reported my issues here:


I have provided full debug logs as well but got no single reply yet. Looks like 
Roaming Profiles are not very widely used. For me this is still one of the best 
options to make sure user data is backed up. I am also using it for mandatory 
profiles in educational environment in order to enforce clean profiles on each 

Currently with Windows 8 it seems to be broken. Maybe it's related to SMB2 but 
Windows 8 reports "The parameter is incorrect" on a number of files during 
upload. In fact the files are stored on the server and then they disappear 
entirely again.

I discovered that on Windows 8 there are some issues copying folders with mapped 
names in desktop.ini (everywhere where LocalizedResourceName attribute is used) 
and thought it might be related. But as said I did not get any response yet.

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