[Samba] (Trying) to understand Print properties saving

Moray Henderson Moray.Henderson at ict-software.org
Wed Jan 2 04:08:40 MST 2013

> From: Alessandro Dentella [mailto:sandro at e-den.it]
> Sent: 01 January 2013 17:01
> Hi,
> some weeks ago I wrote to this list about a problem I have saving print
> properties (samba 3.4.7 - ubuntu-lucid + XP-pro)
> I never managed to solve it, I also tried with samba 3.6+ (Ubuntu
> precise) but had aother problems I wrote about in this list ending
> opening a bug [1].
> Now I had to go back to my 3.4.7 installation. I'd like at least to
> bettere understand how print properties work so that I can cope better
> with the situation.
> In my setup the drivers are distributed by the server, client do
> realize they need the driver and server correctly serves them, the
> problem is that the page format is alwayes set to 'letter' rather than
> 'A4'. I have roaming profiles.
> I really need to fix this even thought some workaround.

I can't answer the other questions, but I do have some instructions for
setting the default paper size (note these instructions were written for

After you click "Finish" and the driver is copied, select "Properties" on
the printer.  Say "No" when it asks if you want to install the driver.  Go
to the "Advanced" tab and select the driver from the dropdown list.  Click
"OK" and the name of the printer will change to show the driver you just
installed.  Right-click the printer again. On the General Tab set it back to
its original name.  Select "Properties" again and go back into the
"Advanced" tab.  Now there is a new option "Printing Defaults".  Click
"Advanced on the Printing Defaults page.  NOW you can choose the default
options for your users - like A4 paper size.  Nasty, isn't it?

> Can someone tell me which are the components that store the print
> properties? If this is already explained somewhere, please give me the
> URL, I wasn't able to find it.
> 1. If I browse \\server\(server and fax) and I configure properties,
> where
>    are the changes saved?
> 2. When an end user configures the printer where does ther properties
> should
>    go (I have roaming profiles)? In the profile? in a registry?
> 3. If the domain/local Administrator changes the properties in the
> printer
>    on the client  via settings | printers how does that change relate
> to
>    settings in 1 and 2?
> 4. In a working setup, is there a way to force the paper format *after*
> a
>    user has already logged in and changed the properties?
> thanks in advance for any explanation
> thanks
> sandro
> *:-)
> [1] https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9468
> --
> Sandro Dentella  *:-)
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