[Samba] [SOLVED] replace Windows 2003 dc

Peter Beck peter at datentraeger.li
Mon Feb 25 04:14:22 MST 2013

Sérgio Henrique <sermac at gmail.com> quatschte am Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 10:27:17AM +0000:
> Hi Peter,
> I am unable to demote windows DC, i get always error when demoting windows
> AD on ForestDNSzones and DomainDNSzones, i have tried a lot of things.
> Raise forest level, keep at 2003, add samba to nameservers,etc...

Hi Sérgio,

do you get this message: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=140itd4&s=6 ?
This message is also shown in my test environment each time I run
dcpromo to demote the Windows server. As far as I have seen it's no
issue, if the replication is up to date.

I had issues if the operation levels were lower than 2003 and Samba was
already joined to the domain. Then the only change that was possible for
me was to raise to Windows 2000 native, but not 2003 anymore.

What I am doing after joining Samba to the domain:

* check the operation levels (before joining)
* check all the SRV records (usually added automatically)
* create a reverse zone if not already there
* add ns record for samba to all zones
* drink some coffee to ensure everything gets replicated
* check everything again, drink some more coffee
* again ;-)
* disable GC on the win server, running dcpromo

but I am still testing the whole migration, no long term experience,
most of the time I reset my virtual machine and try again to ensure it
still works...

> What i can see is that if i create a new samba4 as primary root domain and
> then add windows AD i have no problems.
> But my objective is to migrate current windows domain to samba4 and not
> the opposite.

I am sure that is working very good, but the problem is, our customers
usually already have a working Windows environment (I think a lot of us have
exactly this problem) and we need to takeover these domains....and do not want 
to create everything from scratch ;-)


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