[Samba] S4 file server and DNS

Peter Beck peter at datentraeger.li
Thu Feb 21 08:28:51 MST 2013

Hervé Hénoch <h.henoch at isc84.org> quatschte am Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 02:56:43PM +0100:
> Hello
> The problem seems to be with DNS dynamic updates. I insist on the
> fact that my DNS server is working (all tests were successful). Bind
> version is 9.8.1. Debian Wheeze.

Maybe it's related to bug 692416

The plan is to get bind 9.8.4.dfsg.P1-3 migrated to wheezy, which should
support dynamic updates. As far as I know it's not working with the
current version in wheezy.

hope that helps

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