[Samba] samba_upgradeprovision and msDS-SupportedEncryptionTypes / msDS-NcType

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Feb 20 10:09:58 MST 2013

DE> Originally I had a Win 2003 DC. I added a samba 4.0.0 DC to the
DE> domain, allow full replication to take place and then transferred all
DE> the roles to the samba 4.0.0 dc. Finally I removed the Windows DC from
DE> the domain.

DE> Everything has been working well. Today I upgraded from samba 4.0.0 to
DE> 4.0.3 and ran samba_upgradeprovision --full. Initially this was
DE> failing in update_present throwing an exception when attempting to
DE> modify msDS-NcType and msDS-SupportedEncryptionTypes attributes which
DE> didn't exist. I was able to get the upgradeprovision to run to
DE> completion by removing these from the deltas

DE> i.e.,
DE>             delta.remove('msDS-SupportedEncryptionTypes')
DE>             delta.remove('msDS-NcType')

DE> Everything seems to be up-and-running again at 4.0.3, so it went well.
DE> However, if these attributes are missing - a) shouldn't I get these
DE> attributes added? b) why don't these show up as missing attributes on
DE> the samba-tool dbcheck?

I can't help you at all, but over the last week or so, Andrew Bartlett
has mentioned, IIRC, that the upgradeprovision should not be run to
upgrade a 4.0.x box to 4.0.3.

Essentially, as I understand it, the code is only working properly for
alpha version upgrades, and it was too dangerous to recommend for use
for a production version [4.0.x].

Hopefully someone else will chime in here that knows more than I.

Just thought if you hadn't seen those messages - that might explain
the source of the problems you have.


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