[Samba] Promoting a DC

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Tue Feb 12 20:31:15 MST 2013

So, I'm wondering if anyone has a "howto" on promoting a non-master DC
to FSMO/Operation master and making it the Primary DC? [I don't see it
in the Wiki and searching doesn't produce anything for me.]

In my particular case, I have a couple of test DC's I've setup. Rather
than tear them down, I might like to just move them into
production/final testing and then replace those machines with more
appropriate hardware - and promote the new DC to the master.]

Perhaps this isn't the best approach - and that's fine.

But even then, knowing how to make one of the non-master DC's a master
under Samba4 might be a good thing to know, before I have an emergency
where I need to do it.

PS: I did one more search and got this article.

Is it really as easy as [./samba-tool fsmo transfer --role=all
--realm=SOMEDOM.COM ... ] ?

Again, something more formal might be nice. I'd be glad to author it
on the Wiki if someone can walk me through the proper steps. [I don't
want to document it if I'm not sure I'm doing it right.]


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