[Samba] OS X 10.8 specific questions

Hans Vallden hans at vallden.com
Sat Feb 9 00:48:53 MST 2013

Hello from a list newbie,

I've tried to research the web for information about configuring Samba (either 3.6 or 4.0) on OS X 10.8 Server. To my surprise, good information seems to be scarce. That's odd considering SMBX is evidently not an alternative which performs of configures very well at the moment. I would have thought there's a good demand for some OS specific Samba instructions.

I'm mostly interested in how to make Samba integrate with the OS X 10.8 Server environment, for example:

Is it possible to achieve consistent file locking if run alongside Apple's AFP server?

Is it possible to authenticate against local or remote Open Directory (and how, specifically)?

Is it possible to achieve Kerberos support (and how, specifically)?

If anybody can answer these questions, I would appreciate it very much.

Hans Vallden
hans at vallden.com
skype: hans.vallden

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