[Samba] Dedicated Servers and Private LAN

Günter Kukkukk linux at kukkukk.com
Sat Dec 21 20:01:17 MST 2013

Am 03.12.2013 06:33, schrieb Gary Dawson:
> Hi,
> I decided to give these servers a shot and make the best out of what I've got for the time being.
> I just got a private lan for my two dedicated servers, I'd like to know if the use I guess this will give is the one I think, I want to know if this
> private lan will allow not only internal traffic between my servers but outside traffic to them?.
> I'm connecting both servers to some other location but I need them to communicate not only between themselves but with the remote location for syncing
> of some files there.
> If this is not the way this works please cancel my order immediately
> Thanks

Hi Gary,

due to misuse and security concerns nearly all ISPs (Internet Service Providers)
block all ports used by the SMB/CIFS protocol.

To communicate the SMB protocol across the internet one can tunnel it e.g. by
using openVPN (or other tunneling mechs):

Or you use "rsync" for syncing, which can be used directly across the internet (e.g. via ssh).
Sample GUI for rsync: http://dalalven.dtdns.net/linux/gadmintools-webpage/

Cheers, Günter


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