[Samba] Dedicated Servers and Private LAN

Gary Dawson gary.dawson at maxxconsultingservices.com
Mon Dec 2 22:42:01 MST 2013


I decided to give these servers a shot and make the best out of what 
I've got for the time being.

I just got a private lan for my two dedicated servers, I'd like to know 
if the use I guess this will give is the one I think, I want to know if 
this private lan will allow not only internal traffic between my servers 
but outside traffic to them?.

I'm connecting both servers to some other location but I need them to 
communicate not only between themselves but with the remote location for 
syncing of some files there.

If this is not the way this works please cancel my order immediately


Kind Regards
Gary Dawson
Maxx Consulting Services
Phone: +(507) 832.1523 x1015

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