[Samba] Linux client of the domain

Cyril Lalinne cyril.lalinne at 3d-com.fr
Wed Dec 18 08:58:04 MST 2013

Le 18/12/2013 16:33, Robert Heller a écrit :
> At Wed, 18 Dec 2013 15:40:37 +0100 Cyril <cyril.lalinne at 3d-com.fr> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I think I'm starting to understand how Linux client can be integrated
>> into a samba domain.
>> Tell me if I'm wrong :
>> Linux clients don't need Samba for authentication, only the ldap part of
>> samba.
>> sssd through kerberos get information from ldap. If the user is known or
>> get the right, he can log.
>> So why should I need to install winbind and samba4 on the linux client ?
>> Is it only if I have a Windows AD ?
> *IF* the server is Linux and if authentication is via ldap (eg OpenLDAP is
> running on the server) AND IF NFS is installed and setup on the server, the
> *Linux* client does not need any of Samba at all. It can authentate via LDAP,
> share server disks (eg /home/$USER) via NFS (and automount/autofs), and access
> printers on the server via CUPS (with 'sharing' enabled). The 'native' Linux
> disk 'sharing' is via NFS, 'native' print sharing is via CUPS, and one of
> 'native' server authentication methods is LDAP (another is kerberos).  A Linux
> *client* only needs samba if the server is Windows based.
> (Note: the above *also* can apply to MacOSX or *BSD, with the right software
> installed. I don't know if NFS is part of the base MacOSX install or not -- it
> should be for Linux or *BSD, at least the client side, ie nfs_mount and nfsfs
> kernel modules -- the nfsd daemon might be an optional package, depending on
> the distro.)
It's more clear now.
Thanks !


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