[Samba] wide softlink to different partition copy fails

Stewart Webb stewart.webb at tvt.biz
Thu Dec 12 02:58:22 MST 2013

Hi All,
(I've also posted this to the CentOS forum - so copy and pasted for

I'm having an unusual issue with Samba server package 3.6.9-164.el6

When sharing out a directory containing a soft symlink pointing to a
directory outside of the share and a different filesystem/block device.

When a client mounts the partition (Linux and Mac OSX Clients tested) and
attempts to copy a file from a directory within the share to the symlink
pointing to the folder on the separate partition, the client is told it
does not have permissions to do so (even more peculiarly, when I do so
using Nautilus on a Linux box, I get a pop up saying:
Error while moving.
There was an error reading the folder "TEST_FILE01.txt"

Not a directory
This also happens if a client tries to copy a file from within the
directory the symlink is pointing to, to the shared directory.

my smb.conf contains the following:
CODE: SELECT ALL <https://www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=43976#>
   unix extensions = no
   path = /media/stor0/user
   follow symlinks = yes
   wide links = yes
   path = /media/stor1/user
   follow symlinks = yes
   wide links = yes

The files in question are as follows:
on the server:

/media/stor0 is an XFS filesystem
/media/stor1 is an XFS filesystem
/media/stor0/user/edit_ready is a folder with 775 permissions
/media//stor1/user/edit_ready -> /media/stor0/user/edit_ready is a softlink
as described

If I mount the share "ol01_ingest" on a client to "/mnt/ingest" I am able
to browse to the "edit_ready" directory and interact with files inside it
But if I attempt to copy a file from any other part of the share to the
edit_ready directory or the other way around I get an error, for example
from a linux machine over cli cp and mv:
CODE: SELECT ALL <https://www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=43976#>
[stewart at MUH01 ingest] $ mv TEST_FILE01.txt edit_ready
cp: cannot overwrite directory ‘edit_ready/TEST_FILE01.txt’ with
[stewart at MUH01 ingest] $ mv TEST_FILE01.txt EDIT_READY
mv: cannot overwrite directory ‘EDIT_READY/TEST_FILE01.txt’ with

I have also tested adding the option "allow insecure wide links = yes"
I'm not 100% sure what it does, as it isnt in the supplied man page, but I
saw it by using testparm -v
Unfortunately, this does not change the behaviour

I'm happy to provide other information - i've been searching around for
quite some time and have been unable to resolve this issue
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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