[Samba] wide symlinks across partitions

Stewart Webb stewart.webb at tvt.biz
Wed Dec 11 09:06:00 MST 2013

Hi samba list,

I am seeing a peculiar issue when sharing out a directory containing a soft
symlink pointing to a directory outside of the share and a different
filesystem/block device.
i have 2 shares:

read only = No
follow symlinks = yes
wide links = yes

/media/stor0 is an xfs filesystem
/media/stor1 is an xfs filesystem

there is a folder at /media/stor0/user/cross
there is a softlink at /media/stor1/user/cross -> /media/stor0/user/cross

When a client mounts the partition (Linux and Mac OSX Clients tested) and
attempts to copy a file from a directory within the to the symlink pointing
to the folder on the separate partition, the client is told it does not
have permissions to do so (even more peculiarly, when I do so using
Nautilus on a Linux box, I get a pop up saying:
Error while moving.
There was an error reading the folder "TEST_FILE01.txt"

Not a directory

I am happy to provide more details if required -

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