[Samba] Bulk smbcacls calls

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Wed Dec 11 09:02:47 MST 2013

Hi Peter,
On 11/12/13 15:38, Peter Flood wrote:
> Hi Noel
> We just tried this branch. In our setup we get ~250 files per second
> with smbcacls -r. A few weeks ago we got about 10 files per second by
> making repeated calls to smbcalcs via subprocess in python. In a test
> just now we got ~225 files per second with our scan then
> pysmbc/smbcacls approach (described earlier), however we also stat
> every file and write some data to db (maybe 3 bulk writes per 1,000
> files) so it's not a direct comparison.
> One interesting thing we did notice was that we got ~250 additional
> 'files' with the recursive smbcalcs, I assume those are the
> directories, can you confirm that directories are also output with -r?
yes directories are also output
> Is there a way to filter those out?
not directly, presumably you pipe the output of smbcalcs to a file,  you
should with a script be able to postprocess the complete output of
'smbcalcs -r--get' and scrape/filter whatever information you need out
of that.



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