[Samba] Samba 3 + Windows7

Jean Carlos Coelho coelho at teltecsolutions.com.br
Wed Dec 4 06:34:00 MST 2013


	I will try these options, my option 015 is this:

# Rede Local DOMAIN
subnet netmask {
        range                 ;
        option domain-name-servers; <this host>
        option netbios-name-servers; <samba host>
        option netbios-node-type        4;
        option ip-forwarding            off;
        option domain-name              ³domain";
        option domain-search            ³domain";
        option ntp-servers    ,,,,,,;
        option routers        ;
        option broadcast-address;
        default-lease-time              3600;
        max-lease-time                  7200;

I have an SRV entry, because the error when I try to join is some DNS
error in _LDAP_ so this is my entry at ³/var/cache/bind/db/domain² file:

_ldap._tcp                      SRV     5       50      389
ldap.domain. <try 1>
_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.domain  SRV     10       50      389     ldap.domain.
<try 2>
_ldap._tcp.domain            SRV     15       50      389     ldap.domain.
<try 3>

My dhcp server is intrgrated to bind9, so all the computer names are in
the DNS, my domain name is DOMAIN, not DOMAIN.TLD the issue is that I
can¹t join to domain in windows 7, but can see the share, access the
shared folders..

Thank you so farŠ :)

On 04/12/13 10:40, "L.P.H. van Belle" <belle at bazuin.nl> wrote:

>I didnt apply any rules in my windows 7 pro systems.
>( debian samba 3.6.6  )
>BUT i have the loginscript on the windows 7 machine.
>( didnt setup kix script for windows 7 jet )
>Profiles work ok. 
>what i do is i send the domainname by dhcp.
>I've set option 015 DNS Domain Name in the dns server.
>This way it works for me.
>domain search in my windows 7 now is.
>it's an easy try. 
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>>I¹m installing samba 3.6.19 at debian wheezy server with PDC
>>option, all the desktops over the lan, are Windows 7, I read
>>over the internet the problem that DNS is incorrect and the
>>desktop cannot join to domain, I¹m facing this problem right
>>now. I have applied the registry entries to the desktop as
>>says in 
>>_domains but the problem persist, any clue?
>>Thank you!
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