[Samba] 3.5.5 on Solaris 10 - Doesn't expose all content (NFS)

Ray Van Dolson rvandolson at esri.com
Wed Aug 21 18:47:01 MDT 2013

On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 01:11:31PM -0700, Ray Van Dolson wrote:
> So, we're doing a bad thing and re-exporting an NFS file system via
> Samba.  For the most part it's always worked fairly well and we've been
> cognizant of the various locking scenarios that can come up.
> Recently, we've run into issues exposing NFS file systems sitting on
> RHEL6.  Our Samba server runs Solaris 10 and the vendor provided Samba
> daemon (we're currently at 3.5.5 but looking to apply the latest patch
> which will get us to 3.6.15).
> Looking at the NFS export on the RHEL6 server from the Samba server via
> NFS directly (either via the automounter or via an explicit NFS mount)
> lets us see all the files just fine.  Nothing is "missing".
> But access the Samba share that points to that path or mountopint, and
> much of the content is missing.  I can sometimes get missing content to
> show up again by changing the name of a file, but have yet to find any
> rhyme or reason to why that works.
> Beyond the fact that re-exporting as we're doing is really not
> recommended, does the above ring any bells for anyone?  This works fine
> for every other platform out there other than with RHEL6.  Digging
> further on that side as well.
> Thanks,
> Ray

Update on this --

Digging in further, found that the RHEL6 NFS server was returning
64-bit cookie numbers whereas our other NFS servers were not.  Was able
to disable this on the RHEL6 side by using an ext4 file system with
dir_index disabled.  After making this change, our version of Samba
once again correctly displays all files.

Am not ultimately sure what is at fault here though.  Solaris is
calling getdents64() on the NFS directory and from the OS at least, ls
and other utilities show all the file contents.  Perhaps Samba just
doesn't know how to deal with the 64-bit cookie numbers.  I did notice
that it seems to display the first entry returned consistently but
nothing thereeafter.


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