[Samba] Network browsing in S4

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Mon Aug 12 15:51:49 MDT 2013

Am 12.08.2013 23:28, schrieb Gregory Sloop:
> So, we'll assume that nmbd doesn't work properly on an S4 AD. Can I
> run nmbd alone, on an independent box? (I'd guess not.)
> Or should I run an S3 server as a member of the AD also running nmbd?
> [This instance won't do any file sharing, as that will all happen on
> the two S4 servers.]
> If I run an S3 member, can anyone give me an estimated memory
> footprint? [Really rough is fine.]

The domain master browser must be on the DC with the "PDC emulator" FSMO 
role: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324801/en

So you can't run it on a s3 member server, because you need an AD DC for 
the FSMO stuff.

So currently you can't have network neighbourhood on a s4 DC.

I know that the developers have this on their list. But I don't know if 
theres already a plan when it'll be included.

Here first some users missed the network neighbourhood browsing. 
Meanwhile they had learned, that it's much easier to direclty connect 
via \\servername. Do you have a special need for it?


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