[Samba] Network browsing in S4

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Aug 12 15:28:40 MDT 2013

MM> Am 12.08.2013 22:32, schrieb Gregory Sloop:
>> So, if I understand things correctly, NMBD or network browsing isn't
>> functional under S4 yet. [At least I don't believe it was in 4.03 -
>> and I don't think that's changed.]

MM> Currently Samba still doesn't support network neighbourhood.

Is nmbd support planned, and if so, when? [If you know...]

>> I have some cases where I need accurate NetBIOS name resolution, [and
>> perhaps Network browsing services.]
>> What is the best way of handling this?
>> Is this going to be supported? [or already is with something newer than
>> 4.03]

MM> There is a way to start nmbd on a Samba 4 DC manually with doing some 
MM> special settings in smb.conf. Andrew told me that secret some time ago.
MM> But it's nothing that is recommended and not supported. But my 
MM> experiences with it is, that the browsing list is always much smaller 
MM> than it should. So it's better not to use this "workaround".

So, we'll assume that nmbd doesn't work properly on an S4 AD. Can I
run nmbd alone, on an independent box? (I'd guess not.)

Or should I run an S3 server as a member of the AD also running nmbd?
[This instance won't do any file sharing, as that will all happen on
the two S4 servers.]

If I run an S3 member, can anyone give me an estimated memory
footprint? [Really rough is fine.]


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