[Samba] Network browsing in S4

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Aug 12 14:32:27 MDT 2013

So, if I understand things correctly, NMBD or network browsing isn't
functional under S4 yet. [At least I don't believe it was in 4.03 -
and I don't think that's changed.]

In the setup I'm referencing, I have a pair of S4 servers acting as
full AD servers. [No Win AD servers present.]

I have some cases where I need accurate NetBIOS name resolution, [and
perhaps Network browsing services.]

What is the best way of handling this?
Is this going to be supported? [or already is with something newer than

If not, should I run nmbd on it's own outside the the S4 servers -
that's something perfectly easy for me to do.

[Or perhaps Option "C": I misunderstand the whole thing. I'm probably
not entirely clear on how Windows handles the DNS/Netbios name
resolution intersection.]



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